Toyota Transportation Research Institute was established as a non-profit incorporated foundation in March 1991 jointly by the public sector and the private sector to serve as an organization conducting "practical" study and research on "urban traffic and transportation". The Institute was authorized as the public interest incorporated foundation in April 2010 to better achieve a role for general public interest and an efficient management.
We have continued to operate with the three goals below.
(1) Research on urban transportation issues in the broadest sense
(2) Promotion of "Transportation-based Machizukuri (Community Development)"
(3) Disseminating information and contributing to the world
Building on the basic technologies such as ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and TDM (Transportation Demand Management), combining with the viewpoint of public and private sector involvements, the study and research of the Institute covers the following fields: Traffic Safety, Smooth Traffic, Public Transportation, as well as Environment. The achievements have been made available for local transportation policy making, and the information has been disseminated in and outside the country.
Transportation is the basis of human activities. In the 21st century, as requirements of transportation diversify, our research institute is expected to play an ever-growing role. We will try to create a new city that connects people, vehicles, and the environment around the concept of "friendliness".
We would appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

chairman of the Board of Direstors (The Mayor of Toyota City)
Toshihiko Ohta

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