Station Squares in the Future (in Japanese)

(Published on November 26, 1992. A4 size 94 pages \3,500)
This book summarizes the history of station squares, transition of planning concepts, and issues/challenges of station squares. It introduces the functions that future station squares should have and the model of station squares through advanced case studies.

Edited and published by Toyota Transportation Research Institute

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Status of Implementation of Western Transportation Policies in Japan (in Japanese)

(Published on March 25, 1997. A4 size 43 pages \1,000)
This book explains how the advanced transportation policies of Western countries (introduced to our country more than 20 years ago) are implemented in Japan. It also describes the development of new measures based on Western transportation policies through the case studies.

Social Experiment on Transport Scheme

(Published on October 15, 1994. A4 size 56 pages \1,000 (including tax and postage))
This book explains the roles and effects of "citizen participation-type social experimentation" in regional traffic schemes by introducing cases in and outside Japan.

Creation of Attractive Downtown and "Short-Distance Transportation System"

(Published on December 17, 1992. A4 size 32 pages \1,000 (including tax and postage))
This book clarifies the definition of "short-distance transportation system" in terms of transportation engineering. "short-distance traffic" is drawing attention as a new transportation system.

Parking Space in Residential Areas (in Japanese)

(Published on November 26, 1992. A4 size 56 pages \1,000 (including tax and postage))
This book presents the future model of parking space improvement in residential areas based on case studies in Japan as well as examination of parking lot improvement policies through questionnaire surveys at cities with a population over 100,000.

Collections of Records(in Japanese)

You can receive following reports at cost. Call +81-565-31-8551
"Annual Report of the Toyota Transportation Research Institute (published annually since 2004)"
"Some Considerations about Local Public Transportation and ITS", March 2005. A record of the Memorial Symposium text which marked the opening of the Toyota City ITS Information Center

Record of 2004 Annual Citizens Seminar Series: "Let's experience ITS and think about Toyota Cityfs ITS", published in 2004.
Record of Toyota Transportation Research Institutefs 10th Anniversary Symposium text entitled "Urban Transportation Planning in the 21st Century: A Community Approach", published in September 2002.
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