The Institute conducts research using a variety of approaches in various fields, and has hammered out an ideology of "Community-based urban development through transportation improvement" rather than viewing transportation merely as a "means" for getting around in the city. The ideology is being put into practice through practical proposals.
The Institute holds annual meeting in order to share our research achievements with the persons concerned and seek for the understanding of the citizens.
Seminars and symposiums are also held by the Institute in order to offer the opportunities to exchange experiences in fields of transportation and urban planning in Japan. In the meantime, these are expected to promote cooperation with domestic and foreign researchers and promote communication to obtain information widely.

Traffic Safety

In order to make a comfortable society in which people and car can interact safely, the Institute makes efforts to improve local traffic safety.

Smooth Traffic

It goes without saying that cars are essential for living in local cities. Along with the increase of traffic, there is also an increase in such problems as traffic jams and road accidents. We are searching for effective ways for people and cars to co-exist and the smart usage using of the smart cars.

Public Transportation

Public transportation requires discussion of many areas, such as environmental problems, changes in the legal system, provision of "barrier free access", and provision of mobility for an "aging society". In the meantime, we are still exploring the development direction of local public transportation.


The 21st century is considered to be an environmental century. The year 2009 is the first year for Toyota City to be "the environmental model city". Therefore, the research field of "environment" has been incorporated into the activities of the Institute from the year 2009. Based on the achievements made available in our research fields such as public transportation and TDM, we are also exploring effective ways for the eco-car-life including the eco-driving and the eco-cars.


Furthermore we are promoting studies on integrated transportation policy, provision of mobility for all people, evaluation of policy measures and so on.
For example, the Institute undertakes to evaluate and apply ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) as the effective tools in proceeding transport plans for the elimination of traffic jams, energy conservation, and improvement of traffic safety, and also as a means for providing helpful transportation information.

Example A: Evaluation of a Parking Lot Guidance System
(Photograph A: Guidance System)

Example B: Demand Responsive Bus System (Photograph B: Toyota City "Entrance" Bus)
Bus service is provided "on demand" at the door or gateway of public facilities.

Meanwhile, to further urban transportation development in a local area, coordination with urban residents becomes increasingly important. We are now seeking out a planning process that includes the consideration of techniques, planning/decision making, and, finally, implementation.
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